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Martial Arts & Fitness for Teens and Adults! “Working out” and “having fun” don’t have to come in two separate packages.

Because the Adults Martial Arts Program at Fresno Ultimate Martial Arts & Karate lets you do both!

Our doors are open for women and men, regardless of how old you are. Or how much Karate experience you might or might not have. Our professional and cordial staff is specifically trained to help EVERY student properly develop their physical fitness, their self-defense skills, and most importantly, their martial arts expertise.

Just listen to what one of our students, Jeremy A, had to say…

"I had just hit forty and I was at that point in my life when you have to make a choice. My metabolism had progressively slowed down from the 'All you can eat and still have a six-pack' teens and twenties. I had four kids, a stressful job, and the only sit-up I had done in 10 years was to dip a chip. I could continue to go one way and slowly becoming sedate and disabling myself, or I could work on my fitness and actively participate in the rest of my life. So I have been studying martial arts at Ultimate Martial Arts for just under three years. The school has given me three things: A real perspective on what is important in my life, the ability to meet exceptional people beyond my work/home social group, and a really great (hard) workout that has a practical application rather than half an hour on a treadmill staring into space. Two of my sons also attend, and it has been great to share the values and the experience and act as examples to each other. I would highly recommend."

Not only will you learn important skills that could come in handy later. But we keep our classes fun so your time here flies by. And you’re excited to come back for more!

With every class at Fresno Ultimate Martial Arts & Karate you’ll learn…

  • Real-World Self Defense Skills. In the real world, sometimes confrontation pops up. But our martial arts training will show you how to properly deal with those situations, and come out on top - safely.

  • Proper Stretching and conditioning. We do this to keep you at tip top shape. And to be sure that you don’t receive an injury which will take you out of class.

  • World Class Striking Skills. Our Muay Thai kickboxing program will develop your striking skills and take them to the next level! After just one session, you’ll be able to punch, kick, knee, and elbow your opponent more effectively. This is the same skill that UFC fighters must master to win a stand up battle.

  • Top Notch Grappling Skills. Not all fights take place standing up. That’s why our submission grappling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program will develop your ground game. It doesn’t matter if you’re just looking for a workout, or training for a professional fight.

These are the skills you’ve always dreamed of…

Martial arts is everywhere - on the TV, on the internet. Even hit movies like the Karate Kid have showcased just how powerful martial arts can be both physically, and mentally.

What we can give you is a way for you to easily develop these skills for your own benefit.

Whether you want to lose weight…

… Or become a better fighter…

… Become more disciplined…

… Or even just feel safer at night; our classes can help you reach your goals.

And the reason why we are so confident about this is because…

Our Professional Trained Staff Can Help You Succeed!

All of our instructors here at Fresno Ultimate Martial Arts & Karate are trained to show you everything you need to know to do well here.

That means answering your questions… showing you exactly what you need to know… tailoring workouts for your specific needs… and even teaching you the safest ways to learn martial arts, so that you can avoid injuries and get into phenomenal shape.

Just check out what one of our students, Rob M., had to say about our staff…

"This is a great place to work out! The entire staff really cares about the folks who go there. I've been going to their fitness classes on average about three times a week and I can't imagine a more thorough and fun way work out. You will get in shape quickly if you go to Ultimate Martial Arts on a regular basis. And you'll enjoy the people as well."

And that’s just one of hundreds of students we’ve helped in the past.

So Here’s Your Chance to Try Out Fresno Ultimate Martial Arts & Karate for FREE..!

Joining our classes is likely the best thing you could do today. But we understand if you’ve got more questions… or just want to see what our classes are REALLY like.

So for a limited time, we’re offering a FREE trial program that you can take advantage of today. All you have to do is give us a call right now at 559-261-2805 and one of our team members will get you into the trial.

We’ll see you soon!