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Losing 800 calories doesn’t have to take a week of boring cardio to accomplish…

With our high powered kickboxing routine… you could lose 800 calories in just one class!

Some people call kickboxing “boxing aerobics” or “cardio kickboxing”.

But the fact is, kickboxing is a boxing, martial arts, and aerobics hybrid that gives you a total-body workout together with intense cross-training. In other words, it’s NOT just a full-contact fighting methodology.

It mixes high-powered exercise routines that build your core and your mind, all while obliterating stress. At the end of each class, you’ll gain more endurance and your heart will get stronger.

More importantly, all of our kick-boxing classes help you kick your way into shape in a very safe and effective way.

But you won’t just burn calories and fat in our kickboxing class. In each class you’ll get…

  • Resistance training while helps you tone up and chisel your physique
  • An explosive cardiovascular workout that shows you proper body mechanics, punching and kicking combinations, footwork, and offensive and defensive techniques. You’ll even learn valuable self-defense skills.
  • A fun and challenging way to stay in shape and improve your physical fitness AND confidence.

And that’s just a few of the benefits you’ll experience!

Just listen to what one of our students, Kerrie G, had to say…

After two weeks (and 3 classes later), I'm feeling great, wonderful in fact, about your Kickboxing class. Stamina's up, punches are stronger, and my tennis game has improved.

I never thought I’d see a physical improvement this fast. Plus, my energy levels are way up, too!

And if you need to rid yourself of some aggression, punching is better than crying.

Even if you’ve never done this before, our Kickboxing class is for you. Just check out what Daniel W. had to say…

I haven't trained for about 2 years, and went to my first kick boxing class last Sat. Two days later I still can't walk down the stairs and having problem getting in and out of my car. I had a total body work out taught by Rudy. Great class and I'm looking forward to working out more at this gym.

So what are you waiting for?

Give us a call right now at 559-261-2805 and one of our professional and friendly team members will help you take advantage of our FREE Trial Program.

That way, all the risk is on us. And you get to enjoy ALL the benefits.